+1 to everything. This calendar set up really helps take control of our days, esp in roles where we are required to focus and get stuff done.

A few more recommendations that work well for me:

1. I set aside some time a 2-3days a week for others to block time on my calendar. These are my office hours. For example, I create a 2 Hr block in PST friendly time and name it "Use this for 1:1s in PST timezone"

2. I also color code my meetings. I don't see a lot of folks do it, but I love doing it. This helps me instantly know which part of the day I am in without even having to read the event. For example, my focus hours are flamingo while my personal time (Workouts, Meals...etc) are sage and my meetings with other humans are peacock.

3. One setting I'd like everyone to have set up, it is defaulting all 30 min meetings to 25mins and all 1hr meetings to 50 mins. This is a lifesaver to complete notes, get a bio break in and organize for the next calls and also avoid the perennial "sorry! My earlier meeting ran over"

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